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Social sciences as a whole contains many variations in discipline and each can be studied to achieve a wide range of career opportunities. Below I will discuss the types of qualifications that are available on the topics that are encased within them.

Combined social sciences degree

This qualification will allow students to develop a blend of skills and knowledge which include a variety of topical subjects such as social policy, sociology, psychology, politics, geography, economics and criminology. Recommended resources for Social Sciences Degrees.

Criminology and psychological studies degree

This degree aims to teach students the issues that relate to crime and punishment and what causes them in society as a whole.

Economics and mathematical sciences degree

This excellent degree will allow students to understand economical theory as well as allowing them to obtain skills in computational, statistical and mathematical skills.

Environmental studies degree

This world renowned qualification will help student understand completely the use of environmental issues as well as helping them use integrating science, technology and social sciences.

International studies degree

Students who participate in this degree course will learn how to analyse international issues, understand the various international institutions, cultural aspects, political economics as well as fully understanding politics and policy.

Recommended UK Universities – Bangor – North Wales

Philosophy and psychological studies degree

Students who take part in this course will be able to explore the concepts and theory which is relevant to areas such as marketing, administration, management and social services.

Politics, philosophy and economics degree

This internationally recognized array of subjects will provide students with a complete understanding of topical subjects such as civil and diplomatic services, local government and public service.

Social policy and criminology degree

This qualification will help students gain the knowledge they need for a career in any of the criminal justice agencies, welfare, public health and acts to examine topical areas such as social policy and criminology.

Counselling foundation degree

This excellent qualification will allow students to prepare for a career as a professional counsellor by providing them with the theory and practical skills needed to work within this field.

Financial services foundation degree

This qualification will provide students with the knowledge required to develop a career in the financial services industry.

As well as these degree and foundation courses in social sciences there are many additional courses that will be useful for students to achieve if they are wishing to progress into a career in the social service industry. Below is a list of additional courses that will be of use to these students.

Diplomas in higher education

Social policy Criminology Financial services Criminology and psychological studies Counselling Combined social services Open diploma, Certificates in higher education and Open certificate Social sciences.

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